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A Woodland Tale

Concerning How National Parks Came to Be

A Woodland Tale is my debut novel, published by

Wipf and Stock. It was inspired by my journeys through

the National Parks of the USA.

National parks are places of immeasurable beauty, but

before them came something else . . . Discover the origin

of National Parks, through the lives and adventures of some

fantastic creatures. The Creative One fashioned Realms

that preceded the parks as formless and without void until

they were filled with remarkable life. In one of the Realms, known as Glacier, there is a formidable being known as the Huckleberry King who reigns supreme over his clan of living warrior berries. The Huckles had lived in relative peace, but have long-ranging disputes with the Redwood Trees concerning the Ancient Manuscripts...


Throughout, the reader is immersed in a transformative adventure as the Huckles journey through the Realms. The Huckles encounter creatures and scenes that move and inspire in them a love for nature and the outdoors, which ushers them to nurture and care for their world. Eventually, the Huckles and Trees lay aside their disputes, as they are taught love and preservation for creation. This leads to the Realms being changed into National Parks that reflect these principles. As the Huckles do on their journey, so too must we fall in love with preservation of our world, in the way that God intends.

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After a while, Rubus began observing the woodland surrounding him. The Glacier forest was serene, tranquil, and untampered with. A female thrush, bright, bronze, and speckled with black, rode the wind through the pine branches, clutching a mouthful of grubs for her young.

Chapter Three - Troubles from Lands Afar

"WOWZERS! Beautifully written! I learned so much more about these national parks. What a journey I took within the pages of each chapter. Discovering the places God created for us to enjoy. I’d love to have this on audiobook! I bet the passion of the author would be conveyed so much more than I could imagine." - Amazon Review

The Squirrel's Letterbox

A Short Story

Izzy is a special squirrel. She can run, leap and throw better than almost anyone in the forest. Because of her skills, Tamworth's creatures send her letters to ask for help with different tasks.

Izzy is far too busy to respond to all of the mail, but eventually she comes across a letter that she is unable to ignore. It is written by some of her own kin - gray squirrels.

These squirrels, who live at Hemlock Cottage, have been treated terribly by a retiree from England called Miserable Maggie. The rodents desperately need Izzy's help, or they may be forced out of their yard for good...

Can Izzy put her abilities to use, and save her kin?

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Joseph Posner ebook.jpg

Izzy peered inside at the filaments that swayed graciously. The smell and sight of the flower embraced her, reminding her of strolls near Yellowstone Falls or dwelling in the summer forest floor at Yosemite and Redwood. Everything about the azalea brought a joyful memory.

Stepping back from the azalea, Izzy looked back and forth between the French windows, bees, and flowers.

She had an idea. Her own idea.

Chapter 8 - Azalea

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