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Chris and Melissa Swain - Write It on Their Hearts: A Review

I received a free copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

Write It on Their Hearts is sure to bless families today and in years to come. The book is co-authored by Chris and Melissa Swain. The seven chapters each focus on a specific aspect of discipleship, preceded by a helpful introduction which dissects contemporary culture. Throughout, the authors adapt practical strategies commonly associated with discipleship and apply them to parenthood. Statistics are presented to demonstrate the importance of family discipleship, highlighting the limited time that parents have with their children before they become adults. A key argument is that there is a culture of busyness which restricts critical family time. In counter, the Swains insist that Christian parents ‘must decide that today is the day to say the stuff, do the things, and bury the nebulous “someday” because that day is today!’

This is a genuine Christ-centered work which espouses love and wisdom. The practical points and anecdotes are highly impactful and should bless parents from many walks of life. The writing style is clear, sustained, and free from jargon. To improve the work and expand its footprint, the authors could have included guidance for different family dynamics. For example, what about specific advice for single-parent families, or those with one parent on active service, or an occupation away from home, or a disability? Furthermore, as a nature enthusiast I dispute the authors’ stance on ‘outside activities’, as I believe these certainly fall into the category of our most meaningful family moments! Despite this, conclusively the book is an excellent resource; written by disciples, for discipleship. A true Kingdom work.


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