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J.D.Greear - Essential Christianity: A review

Essential Christianity by J.D.Greear helpfully covers some of the basic tenets of Christianity. Each chapter is formulated around a keyword; and answers a common question about the faith. For example, Chapter seven ‘Inclusion’, engages with the suggestion that ‘all religions are basically the same’ – answering that Christianity stands alone as the only true revelation of God through Christ. Greear engages with this and other concepts through the guise of our postmodern culture, formulating an important apologetic work. The work is simple and straightforward. Greer uses accessible language and structure to outline key ideas, which will provoke thought and discussion in Christian circles and beyond.

The author has opted for a clear and straightforward approach. The book is designed to be read by a broad audience, and Greear has crafted a work which can be picked up by just about anyone, no matter their walk of life. Greear’s pastoral heart shines through in the book as he discusses issues sensitively and thoughtfully, looking to pull the reader into the very heart of Christianity. At times, the book introduces some terms that it does not expand on; for example, ‘irreducible complexity’. Whilst this may prompt the reader to further investigation, it can also have the effect of appearing to ‘overreach’ when it is not necessary.

Conclusively, this is an apt work for our cultural milieu, one that can assist newcomers to the faith, be a witness to the outside world, whilst also reminding older Christians about the blessedness of faith in God.

I received a free copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.


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