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Sam Allberry - Is God anti-gay?: A review

Is God anti-gay is an honest account of God’s grace and mercy. Sam Allberry challenges some of the most entrenched perspectives in this field, debunking opinions and terminology in order to get to the heart of the topic. Throughout, Allberry details his own account, and personal struggles with homosexuality. He is completely honest and transparent, all the while demonstrating that Christ is his ultimate treasure. Allberry’s argument is that homosexual relationships are not in line with God’s design for humanity, and therefore are not compatible with life in Christ. Allberry then continues to give advice to others who have serious questions and issues with this topic. No matter our struggles, the author argues, the Lord guides us and helps us.

Allberry is thoughtful and pastoral in every paragraph. His narrative voice is personal and careful, addressing many concerns that the reader may have. Nevertheless, Allberry does not shy away from his argument, that homosexual relationship is not God’s will for humankind. That he gives his own account draws the reader in and challenges perceptions and perspectives. Allberry skilfully uses scripture and biblical points to support his points, and to encourage readers to pursue Christ and Godly behaviour. All the while, he offers hope and encouragement for those struggling, or simply seeking an understanding.

Honesty birthed from love.

I received a free copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.


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